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See the information about the upcoming ACES/ASSA Annual meetings in San Francisco, CA January 3-5, 2016 on the CONFERENCES tab..

We look forward to seeing you there and then.

Dear Colleagues:
The term of the editors of JCE, Dan Berkowitz and Gerard Roland will end with the 2016 issue of the Journal, and we are launching a search for new editors. The Association has formed an advisory committee consisting of Barry Ickes, Simon Johnson, Peter Murrell, Will Pyle and Mark Schaffer and we expect to interview finalists at the ASSSA Meetings in San Francisco in January 2016. Please encourage colleagues who you think would have a positive impact on the journal to apply, and do send in your thoughts about the direction that the Journal should take and the qualities that you would like to see in the new editor. 

The Association for Comparative Economic Studies announces a search for a new Editor or Editors of the Journal of Comparative Economics. The Journal publishes both theoretical and empirical research on economic systems, and it is acknowledged to be the leading journal in the field. The term of the current Editors ends in December 2016, and the new Editor would assume his/her duties at the start of 2017.  Editors are appointed for a term of five years, renewable by mutual consent for a second five-year term. The Association provides financial support for the operation of the editorial office.

The Association will consider applications from individuals who wish to serve as Editor as well as from groups of individuals proposing a team of Co-Editors or from an Editor-in-Chief supported by a group of Associate Editors. Successful candidates will demonstrate the administrative capacity to manage the operations of the journal and to provide intellectual leadership to further develop the mission of the journal and its academic reputation.

Applications are due by October 15, 2015, and finalists will be interviewed at the ASSA Meetings in San Francisco in January, 2016. For further information and applications, please contact the Association’s Executive Secretary, Josef Brada at 

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