The Association for Comparative Economic Studies (ACES) is the leading scholarly organization for the support of comparative economic studies. Its world-wide membership includes academics, economists and political scientists employed by international agencies, governments and private firms and banks as well as policy makers. The purpose of the Association is to provide scholarly exchange among persons interested in comparative studies of economic systems, institutions, and economic performance and development and to further the growth of research and instruction on these topics.

The Association holds its annual meetings in conjunction with the Allied Social Sciences Associations and sponsors a full range of panels organized by its members. ACES also sponsors and edits two well-known journals, Comparative Economic Studies, and the Journal of Comparative Economics. Members receive web access to these journals as well as the hard copy versions as part of their membership. To promote development of the field of comparative economics, the Association awards, bi-annually, the Bergson Prize for the best paper published in Comparative Economic Studies and the Montias Prize for the best paper published in the Journal of Comparative Economics. The Association also provides funding for conferences that foster new avenues of research in comparative economics.

One look at the history of ACES and one of its journals, Comparative Economic Studies, is available in this 2018 retrospective article: "Comparative Economic Studies and Comparative Economics: Six Decades and Counting," by Josef Brada and Paul Wachtel.