The Association is happy to host members’ E-books on this site. Please submit manuscripts for posting to the Executive Secretary. Currently, the following e-books are available for download:

The Economics and Politics of International Trade and Financial Relations between the United States and Czarist and Soviet Russia 1800-1980

by Franklyn D. Holzman

The late Frank Holzman, a leading expert on US – Soviet economic relations, completed this book- length manuscript shortly before his death, but it has not been published previously. The book covers, in considerable detail, the political, economic and strategic issues of US –Russian and US –Soviet economic relations from the 1800s to the 1980s. The reader will find that many of the issues salient in the 1980s are again assuming importance in US-Russian relations, and, thus, the book’s relevance for our own times is undiminished by the years that have passed between its writing and its appearance here.

Although the book makes use of the scholarly literature on the subject as well as of Frank’s own extensive research, it is written in a way that makes it accessible to students and lay readers. The Association, in cooperation with Frank’s family, is pleased to be able to make the book available for downloading for research and educational purposes. [Click here to download]

Vodka and Pickled Cabbage: Eastern European Travels of a Professional Economist

By Paul Hare

Paul Hare has written a book that is partly autobiography, partly memoirs of his involvement with Eastern Europe, and partly a reflection on the demise of the socialist planned economy and the process of transition. I am sure that most of us will find that reading this book brings back many memories of working in East Europe (or in other parts of the world), of friends and colleagues we encountered in the process, and of our own professional and personal experiences in the economies we have studied.

Paul writes: As a professional economist - initially as a PhD student, eventually as an economics professor based in Scotland - I have worked on the region since the late 1960s, travelling to diverse places in many countries, getting to know the people, observing the economic system both under central planning and as it was transformed to a market system. Finally, in 2006, I decided to write a book about my experiences in the region. The result is not a technical academic work of the sort I normally write. It is a mix of economic history; short accounts of what I do or have done as a professional economist working in an endlessly fascinating part of the world; and travel tale, since my work has taken me to some quite obscure and not at all well-known places. Everything in the book is based on my own observations and experiences, supported in places by extensive background knowledge and reading. [Click here to view]

Overcoming the Crisis: Economic and Financial Developments in Asia and Europe

Edited by Stefan Bojnec, Josef Brada and Masaaki Kuboniwa.

This book contains selected papers from the ACES PacRim 2012 Conference and from EuroConference 2012. The chapters deal with the economic and financial consequences of the global crisis in the Pacific Rim countries, in Europe and globally. [Click here to download]