Join the ACES

The Association for Comparative Economic Studies is the leading scholarly organization for the support of comparative economic studies. Its world-wide membership includes academics, economists, and political scientists employed by international agencies and private firms and banks, as well policy makers. The purpose of the Association is to provide scholarly exchange among persons interested in comparative studies of economic systems, planning and development, and to further the growth of research and instruction on these topics past, present, and future. The Association sponsors two journals: Comparative Economic Studies and Journal of Comparative Economics, and members of the Association receive these journals as part of their membership.

How to Join

To join ACES, please complete a membership form and submit the annual membership dues. Membership forms can be completed online. Membership dues may also be paid online (in tandem with the membership form). Please note: annual membership is for the year in which it is paid and not a year from the date of payment. For example, someone who joins and pays on August 1, 2022 will remain a member through December 31, 2022, and not through August 1, 2023.

First, please complete the membership form online.

Next, please submit the annual membership dues. The payment of $75 per year includes subscriptions to both the Journal of Comparative Economics and Comparative Economic Studies, and members will have the option to receive the physical journals delivered to their mailing address or online access via their email address. These payments may be made online with a credit card via Paypal; please see this set of step-by-step instructions. Payment is also available by check made payable to ACES and mailed to the Coordinator of Membership Services:

Brian Deutsch

4700 Wesley W. Posvar Hall

230 S. Bouquet St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15260


Please also note, if you are simply renewing your membership, you do not need to complete the membership form again unless your information has changed (such as a new email address, a new institution). You can simply pay the annual dues as described above.

Please contact Brian Deutsch with any questions or concerns.

Proof of membership

Once someone completes the registration form and submits payment they are from that moment a member of ACES. There are no additional steps and there is no further investigation or application. Should you require proof of membership for a publisher, you may upload the Paypal receipt. ACES sends our publishers regular updates to our list of members, and your receipt plus your appearance on this list will suffice for this purpose. Please contact Brian Deutsch, Coordinator of Membership Services, with any questions or concerns.